All About Urn Vault for the Ages, Inc.

After being a successful Grave Marker distributor for more than 25 years, we realized cremation was rapidly doing away with the major portion of the marker business.  Realizing this, we began to form "think groups" to determine a better line to follow in the future.   We could see the price required to get our loved ones cared for in death becoming beyond the budget of the average person or family.

Our creative group came up with what we decided to name Urn Vault for the Ages which would be practical in use and reasonable in price; ergo, available to everyone having suffered a loss of a loved one..

The Little Yellow Bucket in conjunction with the  Urn Vault for the Ages serves the plurpose very well with dignity and at a very reasonable price.

Note:  Both the Urn Vault and the Little Yellow Bucket Urn are sealable and water/air tight.  The Little Yellow Bucket Urn will fit in a niche, the Urn Vault is for burial.


​​The use of this Urn Vault is permissible for land burial at all National Veteran Cemeteries 

                              Urn Vault for the Ages, Inc.  

Urn Vault for the Ages, Inc


Our unique Urn Vault for the Ages is a new and convenient Urn and Vault which will protect your loved one's cremains for years to come.  An attractive vault which will accommodate a full sized urn, the Little Gold Bucket Urn, or the baggy containing cremains..


We have many cremation Uns available for your immediate purchase;  others we can order with next day delivery.