At American Memorial Grave Markers, we have a large display of Granites and Bronze on Granite for your viewing to get an idea of exactly what your need is. Visit us at our home location.

In addition there are available brochures picturing portraits of markers not present on the premises; all granites can easily be ordered and placed at your site. You can even receive a mock-up drawing of your marker.

We also offer flat, upright, slant, and beveled, bronze on granite markers, as well as pet markers and infant markers.

[Keep in mind that all markers must comply with local cemetery rules and regulation]
All granite and all bronze are guaranteed to be the same as the best used in any cemetery.

You may order our markers 2 different ways:

1.  BEST 

Come into our office at 1506 Naylor St. Dallas, TX 75218. 

Here you can speak to a knowledgeable agent; see the sizes and prices of many different markers; as well as visit the showroom to see the different designs and colors.

 2. Available
Determine what you wish, e-mail or fax us the description, size, color of granite, whether or not you wish a vase to be include and the cemetery to which the marker is to be placed. We will work up a price and drawing of your desired marker, e-mail or fax you the information for you to approve.  You may bring this information to the office along with any changes you wish, pay for the marker at that time and the marker will be ordered.  Usual time taken to get the marker to the cemetery varies with several factors such as weather, number of markers ahead of yours etc.....

We would like to help you determine the marker which will be pleasing to you and will honor your loved one for years to come.

The Marker above is a 28"x18"x4"  granite with Bronze [24"x14"]   attached through drilled holes in the Granite. We are here to help you design a memorial to your desire.

Need more information? Contact us with any questions you may have. 

Phone:    214-328-7111

 Open:  10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. M-F

   Call for Sat/Sun appointment

Granite Marker - this marker is usually accepted in some parts of certain cemeteries and that varies on what section the marker will be installed into. Therefor we carry all required products for the cemetery cheaper than the cemetery, you also get a choice of designs .

a.  Flat or Grass/Ground Level
The flat markers are acceptable in most cemeteries.  Some require Bronze-on-granite, while others accept granite only. 

b.  Bevel markers
These are somewhat larger than the flat and are beveled on top to make the data easier to read for some folks, but these are not accepted by all cemeteries and are granite only.

c.  Slant markers
These are larger, all granite, usually 18 inches high at the high point.  Slants cannot contain vases, however an in-ground vase is available to fit behind, in front of, or to one or both sides.

d.  Up-right markers
They are acceptable in certain areas of most cemeteries and come in many sizes and colors.

e. Grave Ledgers

​This is a granite or bronze on grated covering the entire grave of your loved one. Many cemeteries will allow this memorialization of your loved one's grave.

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