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We guarantee that these grave markers all comply with the regulations require by your cemetery. ​​


If your Cemetery requires a bronze on granite marker, American memorial grave markers can save you money. Our low prices will be much less than the average than funeral homes or cemeteries in your area do offer. So give us a call at (214)-328-7111

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​​​​​Bronze Memorials

Companion (Double) Markers  48"x18"x4" ​(Bronze 44"x14") with vase starting at $3695                                              (Choice of bronze designs, as well as base colors)

Single Markers  28"x18"x4" (bronze 24"x14") with vase starting at  $1995  

​We will NOT be undersold!

​​​Take a look at our new urns for cremation remains.  These urns ​are accepted by National Cemeteries across the U.S. and are made for burial or depositing in a mausoleum niche.

        Up to and including Adult size.

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